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Riverside Allstars

5th Grade students have the opportunity to audition for our chorus, the Riverside Allstars.  This talented group of 5th Graders will entertain the community and our Riverside families and staff at different events throughout the year.  This year they sang at Millenium Park for Christmas on the Square and for one of the monthly School Board Meetings.  They will be singing at the Fair in March.  Watch the website and social media for other upcoming performances. 


Riverside Allstars

Our Allstars is our show choir that will perform at our school and represent us at community events. It will consist of 2nd-5th graders, with approx 14 in each grade level. I will try to pick two (a boy and a girl) from each class, but can vary depending on where the talent is located. I will "audition" these classes during their music activity time for the first month of school. Those that are chosen will rehearse Tuesdays after school until 4pm. If they are also in the after-school program, they will report there to sign in/pick up their snack and then come to rehearsal. When rehearsal is over, they will report back to the after-school program. Those not in the after-school program will be picked up at the car rider pavilion.

K and 1st will perform a class song during their awards at the end of the year. I will rehearse that during their activity time during the spring semester.




No Turkey for Perky

No Turkey for Perky was a lighthearted, enjoyable First Grade production enjoyed by all at Riverside.  The students were adorable!  A special thanks to our music department for a job well done!
at table

Karaoke Christmas

Our third graders provided fun entertainment for their families in December.  Karaoke Christmas was an adorable production with familiar Christmas songs with a pop arrangement.  It was a lot of fun and the students were a hit!  Thank you again to our music department and our third grade teachers for a job well done!  
Stage View

Veterans Day Concert

Veterans Day Concert touched way down deep to the soul. We invited local Veterans to watch the 4th graders pay tribute to the Veterans of our past, present, and future. This year, Mr. Malcolm Hines, Assistant Superintendent and Veteran, was our guest speaker. We were so thankful for the SHS Color Guard, our Mayor, Frank Davis, and the 1st Grade Students for participating in this beautiful event.